- Born 04/11/2006

Dandy has been an outstanding worker and valuable brood bitch for the stud, producing many good dogs to different sires. Her great work ethic combined with her natural ability has seen her work all types of stock successfully.

Dandy has a wide, deep cast and natural stop with some bark when needed.

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- Born 02/07/2009

Hank has developed into a superb mustering dog who is also a competent yard dog. He has a loyal, calm nature and is highly intelligent.

Hank has a big, searching cast with a good breakout when required. He can be left to work unsupervised and will not leave stock behind.

Hank is proving to be a good sire with some talented pups on the ground.

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- Born 29/07/2008

Mouse has a brilliant personality with good looks to go with it.

She is a wide, stylish worker who will come in and force when needed. Mouse has done a lot of cattle and sheep as well as some goat work.

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- Born 7/7/2012

Bowie has been a stand out performer since he started his working career.

He quickly became my go to dog and seems to be able to adapt to the situation and the type of stock being worked with ease. Bowie has an immense cast and lightening fast cover with natural bark when required.

- Born 6/10/2013

Banjo is a tall, leggie dog with a wonderful temperament and high intelligence.

Because he thinks about what he is doing he has done some remarkable work even though he is only a very young dog.