Tynndyl Kelpie Stud was formed in 1992 while I was a stockman on Yamburgan Station in the Dirranbandi district of SW QLD.

After growing up on properties in Victoria and New South Wales, I left school in 1979 to begin a career on the land. Working firstly at Warren in western NSW then to the hill country at Mudgee. Working stock in steep, rough country was certainly a change from the plains that I had come from.

After three years at Mudgee I moved to QLD and worked on several stations in the Dirranbandi-Bollon District, as well as a stint at droving. While at Yamburgan I married Diane Wode, and had two children, George and Lucy. Drought and low wool prices played a part in us moving to Wambianna, Trangie in 1993. In 1997 I started contracting business working stock mainly in the Trangie-Nyngan areas which I am still doing.

Throughout the past 30 odd years my dogs have always been a part of my life and work. I simply couldn't do my work without them and, to be honest, I wouldn't want to.

Tynndyl Stud really started with the purchase of Riana Colt as a six week old pup. He developed into an outstanding working dog and mate. His high intelligence and calm manner gave him a great presence on stock which enabled him to move them with a minimum of fuss and bother.

A good friend and fellow breeder, Clayton Hegarty, who breeds under the Driftwood prefix gave me a bitch that, together with Colt, became the cornerstone of the stud. Clayton and I have swapped dogs for years and his candid assessment of dogs I have sent him has been a valuable source of feedback on my breeding program.

Although only a small stud I endeavour to breed high quality dogs who can think for themselves and don't need constant commanding. As I breed dogs mainly for my own use the Tynndyl breeders are all used and tested in my contracting work.

I believe this and the feedback I get from clients is important in determining whether a prticular mating has been successful or not. I spend a lot of time working alone, so I need dogs who are calm and independant enough to be left with stock while I'm away mustering other parts of a paddock.

I do not keep dogs for specific purposes eg: yard dogs for yard work, and I call heavily on both ability and temperament. Naturally some dogs are better at some things than others, but I believe breeding for specific tasks limits the versatility the kelpie is famous for.

All pups and started dogs are sold with a guarantee, are wormed and vaccinated and are able to be registered with the Working Kelpie Council.